Stanley Falls (Boyoma Falls) & Wagenia Fisherman Day Tour

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Resting along the banks of the Congo River, Kisangani, formerly known as Stanleyville, is the second most important port after Kinshasa. The port is a commercial hub for both river and land transportation and a major distribution center for this part of the country. Kisangani is the third largest urbanized city in the DRC and is packed with history and culture. 

From Kisangani, about 70 kilometers away are the Boyoma Falls often times referred to as Wagenia Falls or Kisangani Falls, and formerly known as Stanley Falls. Boyoma Falls are often referred to as Wagenia Falls because of the local group of fishermen called Wagenia who live in the village of the same name. Perhaps the most incredible aspect today and the area of Kisangani is the visit to the village of Wagenia and the local fishermen who practice 200-year-old fishing methods. 

There are approximately seven waterfalls in total that stretch along a 200-miles of the Lualaba River, which is the greatest river source of the Congo River. The falls are world renowned for their sheer volume of water and width.


After breakfast this morning, you will be picked up from your hotel to commence the drive to Boyoma Falls. 

The drive to  Boyoma/Wagenia Falls today is very scenic and offers plenty of great photo opportunities. 

Once you have arrived at the falls, you're able to experience a traditional method of fishing done by the local fisherman. Old methods and traditional tools are practiced and fishing is done through a bamboo scaffold installed over the rapids in order to lower wooden nets, by vines, into the water along the rapids to catch fish.  As the fish swim down the rapids, they get caught in the net and get trapped and are unable to turn around. The men then use the vines to pull up the nets to retrieve their catch. 

The opportunity to experience the Wagenia fishermen is very special as this is a traditional method that is not often seen, if at all, anywhere else in the world. The village overall and the locals here live a very different life than those in their neighboring Kisangani. The locals and their way of life seem to have stood the test of time, and influence of foreigners over the decades. From their politics to their fishing methods, this village and area is extremely traditional and will seem as though you've stepped back in time during your visit. 

Once you have taken in the beauty of the falls, and the locals of Wagenia, we will stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant before making our way back to Kisangani.

Late this afternoon, you will be dropped back off at your hotel for the evening.

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*** It is not uncommon for the locals to request money prior to being photographed. Check with your guide and or ask permission before taking photos of the fishermen or locals of the area.