Virunga National Park, Gorillas, and Volcano - Budget Tour

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  • Duration: 5 Days (approx.)
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Explore the legendary Virunga jungle region, among the mighty snow-capped Rwenzori (Mountains of the Moon). Take a journey into timeless and ancient Africa and see its spectacular large animals, volcanoes, jungles, and forests. Peer inside a live raging volcano and at wild silverback mountain gorillas, both from a safe while intensely intimate distance. Visit villages, tribes, traditional homes, and experience some of the richest and most unique cultures of Africa in this “Great Lakes” region of eastern DR Congo. Learn about the history of the most troubled part of Africa through a safe conduit to its most green and rich heart.

The Virunga national park is a world heritage site where dwells the rare Mountain Gorilla & most of the big game animals of Africa. It has the highest amount of biodiversity of any park in Africa and is It is the oldest African Park.

Itinerary - Virunga and Volcano (Budget Bukima Lodge Campground)

Why Us?

We work directly with the Virunga National Park Authority ( and ICCN to bring tourists and grant visas to incomers and provide secure transport and safari guides, and are a supplier and supporter of the Virunga lodges, staff, and conservation efforts, and supply about half of their operators too in the Congo with logistics and materials in the region. Our mission is literally to promote the park to you.

We can arrange everything from your before-and-after hotels to custom requests.

We have experience in many different locations and situations in the region, in many different challenges and local circumstances, know all routes in and out and safety procedures, have guides and friends in the parks with deep education and experience in the wildlife and their movement, and have long standing contacts within the many different groups and cultures in the Kivus region. - Decades' worth.

This tour can start in Kigali, and we can arrange transportation and visa for all tourists with Virunga Park, and with pickup at all hotels and locations in Kigali.

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

Welcome to your CTT Virunga and Volcano Budget Tour. Start from Kigali today at your hotel and take the 3 hour drive to the frontier with the border where you will be granted a DRC Visa on arrival (we can also arrange it in advance at your home embassy to save time this day.) Our next DRC-based representative picks you up in Goma or Gisenyi, and you transfer over the afternoon to Bukima Lodge Patrol Post Campground (Tent rentals are available on request, or bring your own.)

After you comfortably check-in and set up, you have an option of a short tour, or just enjoy a rest and refreshment after a briefing from the local guide. You can also take a night walk. The staff will attend to your questions and evening campfire and offer drinks.

Overnight at The Bukima Patrol Post

Day 2: Virunga Park and Mountain Gorilla Tracking (Optional)

Early wake in Bukima where you’ll get a full panoramic view of the volcanoes where the mountain gorillas reside.

Enjoy Virunga Park and walks and views in the area.

Optional: Take a three hour trek through the rainforest to share what is sure to be a memorable moment with the mountain gorillas in their natural environment in the Virunga National Park. This activity will take most of the rest of the day. To safeguard the health of Virunga’s gorillas, visitors will be required to wear surgical masks (provided) when in the presence of gorillas. Time with the gorillas is strictly limited to one hour. 

Overnight at The Bukima Patrol Post

Day 3: Virunga Park 

Enjoy Virunga Park and walks and views in the area.

Optional: After breakfast take an optional trip to Mikeno where a walk of about two hours awaits you. Accompanied by a guide you will optionally discover caves crossed by a river and how local people manufacture beer and have a taste of the brew. Lastly head back to the Mikeno lodge crossing coffee plantations. 

Overnight at The Bukima Patrol Post

Day 4: Virunga Park 

Enjoy Virunga Park and walks and views in the area.

Enjoy the day in the middle of the continent of Africa, under the mountains of the moon, and gazing up at fiery Nyiragongo above as you walk and watch for animals and learn about the ecology of Africa's oldest and most biodiverse park.

Overnight at The Bukima Patrol Post

Day 5: Virunga Park and Farewell / or Direct to Nyiragongo Volcano Hike Extension (Optional)

Enjoy Virunga Park and walks and views in the area.

After breakfast at Bukima, spend the morning enjoying the park and seeing some last vistas of Virunga. In the afternoon you drive back to Goma and on (if requested, to Kigali to be dropped off and waved goodbye.)


Optional Volcano Hike Extension:

Day 5: This morning depart to Kibati 30 minutes from Goma and up towards Rutshuru, through the lava fields. You will climb, during 3-5 hours, the Nyiragongo volcano (3,470m high). You will reach the smoldering summit and gaze into Mordor itself! 

When you reach the top of the volcano, you will be welcomed by your trekking team and set up tented camp. Dinner and accomodation are to be brought as well as sleeping gear (or you can rent on request) All night, you will observe breathtaking and unforgettable views of the live volcano! It glows red at night and is the single largest volcanic live lava lake on earth!

Day 6: After admiring the once-in-a-lifetime sunrise (which takes place around 6 o’clock) and the masses of swirling clouds glazing the valleys below you, gaze out between the sister volcanoes of Karisimbi and Visoke, and after taking a hearty breakfast in the frigid air, you will walk down the volcano amidst beautiful and highly diversified volcanic flora, and some positively alien and bizarre plants. Picnic and make your way back to Kibati to rest your legs and relax tonight in Goma where you are dropped off at a hotel of your choice (we can book hotels in Goma on request in all budget ranges.)

Notes and Optional Additions:

-CTT Can arrange your roundtrip private transfer (RT) from anywhere in Kigali on Day 1 & 6 for $399 for a car with 3 people
-CTT Can arrange your visa for DRC on arrival at the park (at the Goma/Gisenyi border) or in advance in any DRC Embassy
-CTT Can arrange your gorilla tracking permits at time of booking for $400 per person 
-CTT Can arrange your volcano hike extension (2 days) for $300 per person.
-You must bring your own food and tent and sleeping bags for this tour, or you may rent gear through us in Kigali/Goma.
-Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for entrance into DRC, as well as any other mandatory vaccinations (Ask Us.)
-Virunga is visitable year-round and the park is currently open and safe for tourists.