Gabon-Congo Tour: Multi-country Tour of Gabon and Congo

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  • Duration: 7 Days (approx.)
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Gabon Itinerary Customized and administered by CTT below - Luxury Category Safari - Value Rate

During your stay in Gabon “Lodge Hopping,” you can move from one Lodge to another and live an extraordinary adventure. 

*During the rainy season we insist on visiting the North Park, Louri lagoon and beach in search of elephants and buffalo on the beach.

Loango National Park is located on the west side of Gabon, south of Port-Gentil. It has an area of 1600 km2 and is protected to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east by the Lagoon Iguéla and impenetrable forest.

This site does not suffer destruction or poaching and the nature nearby remains unchanged for twenty or thirty thousand years ago. Thus, in the Loango National Park, you travel backwards in time...

All Loango Safaris consists of a main lodge and four satellites in Lodges in the park.

Here is what Arthur Scheuer wrote about the Loango Lodge:

"There is more in the woods than in books," said Saint Bernard. After a few days at Loango Lodge, the words of the Cistercian reasoned strong in me. Loango is an exceptional place. By discovering the colorful flowers, the wooden bungalows, the lagoon, and in the distance, the sounds of the sea, no one, not even the greatest traveler, can not spare a few minutes of astonishment. The nature reserve, a few dozen meters on the opposite shore, home to a virgin wilderness as there 30,000 years ago.

Loango is a haven, a cocoon of rare sweetness in which we like to forget the shadows of everyday life. Early morning, a soft white light pierces the vegetation in the glass bungalows. We take the time to live, breathe, listen, see. We fish through the afternoon, and the fish is eaten in the evening. A slight breeze accompanied the canoes around the village. At night, we returned to our air-conditioned and comfortable bungalow. We fall asleep instantly. We get up and we go to sleep at our own pace, which, like magic, is now also that of the forest. Mysteries...order a whiskey dry under the pagoda. The sun sets over the lagoon, coloring the sky pink and purple. There for a lifetime if I could, Loango.

-Arthur Scheuer, Famous Travel Writer, on Loango 2014.


Day 1

-Arrive LBV November 6,

Day 2

-LBV to Port-Gentil (POG) flight at 7:30, arriving at 8:00 am to POG.

-From the Downtown Marina at 9:00 3:30 (160 km) boat crossing the river and the lagoon Ogoué Fernan Vaz. This crossing is very
beautiful and you will enjoy the scenery and vegetation along the river and its tributaries.

-Arrive at 12:30 Evenghé; Lunch and visit the sanctuary at 14:00 to see gorillas

-Dinner and overnight at the Lodge Evenghé

Day 3

-After breakfast depart by boat to Loango Lodge and Mpivié

-Discover the forgotten river Mpivié in the jungle. Birdwatching abounds and crocodiles hang out in the river. Down the river by 4x4
you transfer to your Loango Park Safari and arrive after 45 minutes at Loango Lodge.

-Lunch at Loango Lodge

-Afternoon safari by 4x4 to Northern Loango National Park. Watching elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, monkeys and birds.

-Dinner and overnight at Loango Lodge

Day 4

-Boat safari to Akaka

-Lunch at Akaka

-Observations of birds, hippos, crocodiles. (In October-November-December this area is flooded. Large mammals are absent from Akaka at that time.) However, this Safari is very beautiful, and the Akaka region is unique in its nature and preserved.

-Return by boat safari in the afternoon

-Dinner and overnight at Loango Lodge

Day 5

-After breakfast depart for Tassi, another of Gabon's parks satellite camps

-This safari is by 4x4. Then we go walking in the nearby forest of Tassi, and a kayak trip will be offered around Tassi. Visit the beach in Tassi to observe the famous congregation of elephants and buffaloes at the beach.

-Picnic Tassi

-Overnight in Tassi

Day 6

-After breakfast departure by 4x4 safari. Gradual return to the Loango Lodge

-Lunch at Loango Lodge

-Afternoon: a Tower Lagoon boat ride, where you will be given the opportunity to watch hippos

Day 7

-After breakfast depart for Port-Gentil. POG reached at 15.00, in time to fly late afternoon for Libreville.

-Take off from Port-Gentil at 17:30.


Prices / Includes:

-Reception at the airport of Libreville and Port-Gentil, transfer
to hotel in Libreville, transfers to the ship in Port-Gentil, outward
and return

-1 person x 100 € = 100 €

-Ticket Lbv - Pog - Lbv € 300

-Transfer POG - Loango - POG boat and 4x4

-1 person x 300 € = 300 €

-Transfer by boat and 4x4 Mpivié Loango, 1 person = 175 €

-Transfer to Akaka boat, 1 person = 200 €

-Stay at Loango Lodge, full board, drinks not included

-1 person x 6 days

-Taxes National Park: 7 days x 1 person x 15 € = 105 €

Total:  ($4,949 USD) per person

plus 5.5% tourism taxes and fees