Security Escort (Military) Convoy for Solo Travel

Security Escort (Military) Convoy for Solo Travel
From USD $1,000.00
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It is often mandatory between cities in the East and the North of the country to either travel with a military convoy, or if a party of foreigners pay for your own escort of armed government soldiers. This is not-negotiable if imposed, and we often have to provision and arrange such armed guards for parties of guests. In the future the situation will improve but NTT will always abide by safety and common sense. Security is paramount.

Convoys involve a vehicle to 2 vehicles and a complement of armed soldiers who scan roads and destination for Islamic terrorist or crime threats. Driving to Agadez and Lake Chad from Niamey, for example, but often warrant and mandate such a convoy. Prices range and need to be confirmed by us ahead of time, but for reference they range from $300 to $1000 per day for the convoy.

Price: Varies; Please Contact Us