Lake Argentino and Cerro Buenos Aires (From El Calafate)

From USD $750.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: El Calafate
  • Product code: argentino/cerrobuenosaires

Calm and serene situated between amongst an abundance of incredibly vast glaciers within Los Glaciares National Park, is the biggest freshwater lake in Argentina, Lago Argentino. Fed partially by glacial meltwater and mountain streams, Argentino flows into the Santa Cruz River and ultimately into the Atlantic. With hundreds of scattered icebergs both incredibly large, and small, the lake is extremely well-known for its almost pristine and magnificent color. The baby blue color of the water is thanks to the glacial meltwater that is well underestimated in photos, you have to see it to believe it!

From El Calafate today the duration of your helicopter tour today will be approximately 60 minutes of incredible scenery from beginning to end. An incredible experience of exploring one of the most picturesque lakes on earth and a very famous mountain in Patagonia from the sky is more than breathtaking that is sure to leave you with the utmost appreciation for mother nature.   

Today you will have the opportunity to explore the power and majesty of Patagonia and its magnificent peaks, some of the true natural wonders of the world, from a perfect viewing platform with a helicopter tour! 

AFA's helicopter tours can be enjoyed on any day or occasion, and covers all of the major sites and great views of the world's most impressive icy wonderland including the main places for tourists and photo-shoots, and absolutely the best views of the world's most powerful glaciers! Do be sure and book well in advance as the tours are extremely popular and sell fast!

With a capacity of 1-5 passengers for each flight (minimum of 2, or pay for both seats,) schedule your next adventure today! Flights are available for all days of the week during daylight hours.  Everyone is welcome to participate, including children!

Fly with a certified, professional, safe, and licensed pilot who will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience during your sightseeing over some of the most iconic areas of Argentina and Patagonia.  

*All flights with AFA for Patagonia Aerial Tours from Calafate leave from the domestic smaller airport and its private hangar/helipad. Contact us for directions or see our voucher and location map accompanying the confirmation of this tour.

**Cancellation due to bad weather will warrant a full refund.
***AFA Carries a Low Price Guarantee on this tour

Flights Cancellations and Course Changes:

  • The flight course and departure time could be changed due to weather condition or other inevitable reasons.
  • Please understand that your flight itself also can be canceled for safety reasons.
  • Safety is the top priority for all AFA tours and staff, and we are working 24 hours to keep you safe.

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Take an unforgettable helicopter tour, the best in the country and in town of the most famous and beautiful natural wonders in the world, and get a birds-eye view of iconic, stunning landscapes, and the bustling force of nature below.