Applying for a Resident Permit Madagascar

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  • Duration: 30 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Antananarivo
  • Product code: rezpermitmada
In order to apply for a resident permit in Madagascar, you are typically required to have invested or started a business here on the Red Island or plan to, you are an expatriate worker, a student, retiree, or you are doing so for family reunification purposes. Arriving in Madagascar you should have a one-month convertible visa to enable you to apply for a longer-term appropriate visa once you are in Madagascar. 

Applying for residency can be a complicated process that involves many steps. MTT can help you expedite the process all the while streamlining it and ensuring all of your documents are correct. The timing is a key component of the residency process due to visa and specific document expiration dates.

Documents Required in most cases:

  • Photo ID
  • Reason for you residency request
  • Notice information
  • Declaration of honor with a notarized signature
  • Certified copy of your original passport and entry visa (convertible visa) and/or the last residence visa if you are applying for a renewal
  • Criminal record from your country of origin (must be 3 months or less) if this is your first request, this must be translated into French. If this is a renewal your criminal record check can come from Madagascar.
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of registration in the census register of foreigners held in District Fivondronampokontany
  • Accommodation and support certificate with notarized signature and national identity card or a certificate of residence of the host or lease record 
Additional Documents Required for an Investor:

First Request:

  • Registered status of the company
  • Statistical card of company
  • Fiscal Card
  • Extract K Bis of company (identity of the company such as address, activity, management)
  • Bank statement of the company
  • Opening balance sheet of the company certified by the Tax Centre
  • Etat/status 211 Bis
Renewal Request:
  • Status of registered company
  • Journal (notification of modification)
  • Statistical card of the company
  • Certificate of registration of the company
  • Fiscal card
  • Extract K Bis of the company
  • Bank statement of the company
  • Balance sheet of the activities of the company certified by the Tax Centre
  • Etat/status 211 Bis
Additional Documents for an Expat worker:

First Request:

  • Employment contract approved by the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Legislation (MFPTLS)
  • Certificate of filling employment authorization issues by the MFPTLS
  • Employment authorization MFPTLS
  • Return Ticket
  • Tax identification number of the employer
Renewal Request:
  • Photocopy of residence card
  • Work contract covered by MFPTLS
  • Certificate of filling employment authorization issued by MFPTLS
  • Employment authorization
  • Proof of payment IRSA (last three months)
  • Tax ID number of employer
Documents for a family reunification are the same as those required for an expat worker or an investor, and a birth or marriage certificate.

If you are a retiree looking to apply for residency in Madagascar, documents required include (in addition to the documents required in most cases listed above):

  • Certificate of retirement
  • Certificate of a change in residence issued from your city of origin
  • Proof of Malagasy bank account

*Our fees work as a service fee, and do not include the other fees involved with registering residence in Madagascar. However, we are transparent and upon non-success these fees are refundable provided you met all the requirements and followed the legal outlines for residence in the country.