Registering a Business in Madagascar

From USD $1,499.99
  • Duration: 30 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Antananarivo
  • Product code: madabusiness

Interested in starting a business in the land of lemurs, rainforests, beaches, and Baobabs? We can help you expedite the process of starting a business here in Madagascar all the while streamlining it for you. 

First, we need to be sure all of your documents are aligned and ready for submission. Once you confirm the below documents, we are ready when you are to begin the process.

****The fee of $1,499 + 5.5% taxes and fees is for our services and time organizing and informing you of the correct process involved in opening a business in Madagascar. The costs involved with registering, notarizing, obtaining any of the documents, etc below is not included and is extra and your responsibility. 

Investor Application:

  • 6 Passport Photos
  • Personal contact information including an email address and a phone number (2 copies)
  • Investor request addressed to the Minister of the Interior and Decentralization
  • Declaration of Honor (2 copies)
  • Census of foreigners to be withdrawn at the level of the Prefecture of Police District
  • Criminal record from your country of origin
  • Photocopy of visa (clear and legible)
  • Photocopy of passport (clear and legible)
  • Photocopy of statistical map
  • Registration form
  • Photocopy of tax card (fiscal statue)
  • Bank certificate
  • Opening balance sheet certified by the direct contribution or activity report if the company has already existed and in activity
  • 2 stamped enveloped with the exact address
***All files must be submitted no later than 1 month before the visa expires and requires the presence of the person concerned. 

*** All documents must be originals and photocopies

Necessary Company Documents:

  • Status of the Company (6 copies needed): Each page must be initialed and signed on the last page by all partners. The place of exercise must be mentioned in the document.
  • Copy (3 copies) of the National Identity Card (CIN) and all managers or, for foreigners, a copy of their passport including a long-stay visa.
  • Certificate of residence (original) of the manager (s) (2 copies)
  • Power of Attorney and copy of proxy's CIN
  • Declaration of all corporate officers (managers and co-managers)
  • Ministry AU\uthorization for business activities
Complements for a Legal Person:
  • Trade and Companies Registration Extract (RCS) < 3 months
  • For foreigners: A copy of statutes and KBIS of the company is required
  • For Malagasy people: PV registered participation and copy of a non-expired tax card is required
Supplement for a public limited company (SA): 
  • PV of the Constitutive General Assembly
  • PV of the Board of Directors
  • Declaration of subscription and payment
  • Subscription form
  • Subscription and payment status
  • Certificate of blocking/paid-up capital  

Complements for liaison office, agency, or branch:

  • Statutes of the parent company - no need for the statues of the liaison office, agency, or branch
  • PV concerning the appointment of the representative, opening of a liaison office, and agency, or a branch, designation of the head office, place of operation in Madagascar, and the start and end date of the financial year.
  • Extract from RCS < 3 months in French version of the parent company (French translations of the other versions)

Parts to be supplied for a wholesaler, industrial, collector, or importer:

  • Certificate of the location of exercise (store of sale and deposits delivered by the Fokontany of the location. 
  • Detailed plans for the premises assigned to each activity with an explicit indication of the hall, stores, and places of deposits covered by the Fokontany
  • Details and statements from industrialist and importers regarding their activities. 
  • Prior authorization for wholesalers required (from each Regional Tax Department)

Business Premises: 

  1. Lease contract or sub-lease contract including the Landlord's contact information.
  2. If the lessor is the registered owner: Full copy of the land title in the name of the lessor is needed or a Certificate of Legal Status (CSJ).
  3. If the lessor is an heir who does not appear in the CSJ or the Land Title, and an act of notoriety of the registered owner and authorization to rent by the co-heirs is required.
  4. If the lessor is an agent, a power of attorney must be given to them by the owner.
  5. If the lessor is the buyer, a deed of the sale must be registered.
  6. If the lessor is a tenant and there will be no sub-letting, a previous lease contract and permission of the owner must be provided. 
  7. Registered documents (statutes and commercial lease agreements: original and duplicate, installment payment slip)
  8. Statistical card with STAT number
  9. Taxes
  10. Extract from the Commercial Register
  11. Receipt RCS with RCS number
  12. Receipt of payment of registration fees and IR installment
  13. Copy of the construction notice from the EDB website. 
*Our fees work as a service fee, and do not include the other fees involved with registering business in Madagascar. However, we are transparent and upon non-success these fees are refundable provided you met all the requirements and followed the legal outlines for business in the country.