Bombo-Lumene National Park - Trekking and Tiger Fishing

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  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
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Named after two regional rivers, Bombo Lumene is a wonderful area for observing flora and for fishing or hanging out on the weekend, the closest National Park to the Capital, away into the savannahs of Bandu'undu, the grasslands of the DRC.

Located about 135 kilometers (c. 95 miles) and a 2 hour drive from Kinshasa city center (but it takes several hours to drive there,) this is a wonderful area to relax, picnic, hike, and even swim.

Other attractions on this tour include a visit to the Bateke villages near Bombo, and the spectacular drive through the Bombo Valley.

Note: Due to the wholesale sell-off the park's wildlife to poachers by the "conservation" authority, there are no longer any (or many) wildlife for viewing in Bombo Lumene, and we as CTT are obliged to support conservation in the area and public awareness of this tragedy.

The best way to see animals in BL is to do our overnight camping add-on, and to see the animals we can wake up at 4am after laying out salt, which they will come out to lick. The scenery is still great, however there are sadly not many more animals here, whereas there used to be animals everywhere you look.

That said, the River Lumene is a superb place to fish for the Mbenga Tiger Fish, which is local to the area, and if you bring gear (we can rent it out too,) this is an excellent activity to do here, though they are tough to catch. 


-A Comfortable Powerful Vehicle (we will need it to access the offroad and backwoods areas of this park,) with air conditioning.

-English and French tour guide and trekking guide.

-All entrance fees and governments taxes

-All transfers as mentioned in each program