Okinawa Foodie Tour

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  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Naha, Okinawa
  • Product code: Okifood
Okinawa's Culinary and Craft Drink Delights! Served on a Panoramic Platter of Places!

Today we head out and around the menu of Okinawan culinary and popular food culture, influenced by traditions from the tropics, Java, Kyushu invaders, Japanese sushi chefs, American G.I foods, Polynesia, and Fujian food and fun...a quite unique brew of goodness!

Today we'll be doing guided tasting and a long litany of mandated menu material...for your satisfaction and adventure!

-Makishi public market (everything you know and don't know about Oki food on display_

-Yacchi & moon cafe (local pottery and brews and snacks - feel artistic)

-JEF (Okinawan fast food for a quickie)

-Fujiya (Zenzai shaved ice that is an altogether departure from Hawaiian ice and other islander frozen desserts in the Pacific)

-Cafe Okinawa Shiki (Buku-Buku tea - try this one out!)

-Ishiguhu (Okinawan noodles - because everybody asks about noodles)

-Daikon No Hana (Okinawan food buffet - open the food floodgates, to make sure you have no notes of hunger left in your tune...)

Following this we hit the bars and brews to make some forays into fermented spirits and blitzes into beers from Okinawa.

-Orion beer and others - the most famous beer from Okinawa. - (on draft in a nice local bar)

-Local sake and spirits tasting in several choice establishments (guide's choice)

End up finally with the option to be dropped in town or back your hotel, or sign up an continue for the live show and Izakaya for nightlife in Okinawa tonight!