Narita Airport Layover Tour: San Sinshoji and Snacks Stopover, Narita Town, & Historic Temples

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  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Narita city, Chiba prefecture
  • Product code: narita
There are famous historic places near Narita airport!

If you are interested in Japanese history and old culture or you have some time after arrival or before boarding, would you like to enjoy Narita?

Narita San Sinshoji is a large historic temple established in 939. To quell a rebellion of Taira no Manasado, Kanchoudaisoujou founded Narita san to enshrine Acala. A lot of people come to Narita san Sinshoji to pay their first visit of the year every new years day.

In this tour, you can enjoy an old, hushed, and elegant set of scenic spots, traditional Japanese shops, the most popular Unagi (Eel) restaurant, and a calligraphy museum as well.

Here you can taste Youkan-sweet bean jelly, Nure senbei-wet rice cracker, Dango-sweet dumpling balls, Sashimi, and Sake (Japanese rice wine) etc if you like, and you can get great souvenirs!

Also around our Narita tour there are traditional pharmacies, original Japanese-style cafes, and fancy stone shops.
At the Unagi restaurant, you can taste delicious broiled eels watching the cooking process of studied craftsmanship with a very aromatic smell. It is worth a try if you have not experienced it!

At the museum, you can enjoy Japanese calligraphy finding impressive ancient-style characters! (admission charge is another-500yen.)

It will be great adventure on your layover when you try this tour!

(The time to start tour is on demand but opening time of temple is 10:00am and closing time is 5:00pm and closing time of museum is 3:30pm and museum is not always opened.)