Awesome Osaka Backstage!: Walking, Eating, Drinking Day Tour of Osaka!

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  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Osaka
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Osaka is the second largest city in Japan with deep and eclectic, electric culture that delivers for visitors, big time. Locals say “you go bankrupt in Osaka from eating and drinking all the good stuff,” and the city is the cradle of who Japanese consider to be the friendliest and funniest people in Japan. Overlaid on this the quirkiest urban architecture in Japan, and Blade Runner-esque futuristic landscape of the 30th century. Osaka is a missed mega-city with untold and unmatched depth, the largest home by far of the intriguing minorities and subcultures of Japan, and plenty of weird character - and characters. 

Osaka JTT Guides are locals who love the food and fun of their home city, and spend most of their free time and social life eating and drinking at spots along Namba and Shinsaibashi, and urban exploring by foot. Osaka served as the “nation’s kitchen” tenkano daidokoro, and these are the best chefs and bartenders of the scene. Osaka finally still remains Japan’s premiere place to party, really, way over Tokyo, and these guys get the party started for our guests and urban adventurers up to 11.

Highlights: Most Wild and Weird Town in Japan, The kitchen of the nation, the perfect place to part, and the cradle of the funniest characters in Japan. 30th Century Architecture.

Route: Triangle Park>American Village>Shinsaibashi>Dotonbori>Namba>Arcade>Glico Sign and River Bridge>Tsuruhashi Minority Town>Osaka Castle

Tour Itinerary:

We kick off the trip in the central command center of counterculture and zoo for Osaka’s crazy fashions, triangle park, where there is always something going on and Japanese youth gather to hang out. From there we walk through American Village, where strange renditions of western culture and fashions are taken to the extreme in clothing and novelty stores with bizarre urban designs. Bleeding into Shinsaibashi, we emerge fully onto the food and beverage scene, where we will try some of Osaka’s more famous street snacks. We head to try takoyaki, octopus balls which are positively personifying the food scene in the center of town, and try some select Japanese sake and scotches (which year after year win the top slot awards in whiskey.) From Shinsaibashi we walk by the heart of the bars and clubs and nightlife pulse. (For a real taste of this in action, join our Osaka nightlife and bar hop tour.) and try some local Minoh beer from the craft brewery. Together after tasting, we head down to the most iconic part of the city, the Dotonbori bridge with the mega-lights and neon, and the famous Glico sign. After pausing for photos and to enjoy a beer on the river (optional) we head down the technicolor arcade to Namba, center of bright lights and sites and a marathon of manga and shopping. Next jump the quick train to Tsuruhashi, the ethnic minority Korean neighborhood, where we all will get to try Okonomiyaki, one of Osaka’s most famous foods. Round a market of minority cuisine of Japan, sample snacks and end up at the magnificent Osaka castle.

End of Tour


Some foods and snacks and drinks,

transportation, entrances.

NotesYou will be directed to the starting point on your booking confirmation voucher, and given a guide contact the day before in case of questions or concerns.