Japan's Golden Age and Authentic Tea Ceremony In Kyoto

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  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Kyoto
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On today’s exciting tour you’ll get introduced to the aristocratic world of the Heinan period (794 – 1185), which is regarded by most as Japan’s golden age. It is the period when Taoism, Buddhism and other Chinese influences were at their height. 

Heinan is seen as the peak of the Japanese imperial court and famous for its art, especially poetry and literature. Today we will get a peek at the remains of this fascinating area. 

To get to know more about this wonderful period, we’ll go to Uji, a small city located alongside the scenic Uji river south of Kyoto. Located approximately 20 minutes by train from Kyoto Station, Uji is home to Byodo-in temple, a UNESCO heritage site first built as an aristocrat’s villa in 998. Following conversion to a Buddhist temple, the Phoenix Hall, housing a beautiful statue of Amita Buddha, was built in 1053. Famous for its two phoenix statues on the roof, the hall is now featured on the back of the ten yen coin. It is the only major building to have survived from the Heian period. Together with the adjacent pond and garden, it provides the visitor with a foretaste of the Pure Land of Amida Buddha, called Jodo architecture.

Authentic tea ceremony

After our guided tour on the site, we will then relax a bit by visiting an authentic tea ceremony at a secret location. This experience is very different than your average western tea party as these tea ceremonies, called Ocha, are a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Matcha (Japanese green tea). 

During the ceremony there is a great attention to every detail to ensure the guests have a wonderful time. There are many excellent tea ceremonies available in Japan, but we have selected nothing but the best for you in order to experienceJapanese hospitality and etiquette.

Zen Temples and Shrines

After our tea, our guide will bring you to various Zen temples, ancient Shinto shrines, and if desired 'the Tale of Genji Museum' to learn more of Japan’s premiere aristocratic age. Your guide will do his/her best to incorporate your interests into this tour of a bygone age.

Tour includes:

- Professional, experienced, local, English-speaking guide 

- Entrance fees and guided tour to all above-mentioned sites
- Authentic tea ceremony