Haunted Spirits Hotspring and Tengu Tour

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  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Kyoto, Kyoto
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Onsen (Hot Spring)/ Tengu Tour

The mountains of Kurama are well known as the home of Sojobu, the king of the Tengu. 

There is a legend that the famous warrior Minamoto no Yoshitsune, also known as Ushiwakamaru in his childhood, trained here under his tutorship.

This is the most spirit-filled forest of Japan! They are friendly so enjoy!


8.45 Meet guests at Eizan line Demachiyanagi Station (can be eliminated to be replaced with direct meeting at Kibune Station). This is a visually beautiful train ride.

9.30 Arrive at Kibune-guchi Station

Hike along the Kibune river (especially scenic during Autumn).

10.05 Arrive at Kibune Shrine

11.30 Lunch at Beniya Kawadoko riverside restaurant

12.30 Hike to Kurama Temple. Many historically relevant locations along the way, for example Ushiwakamaru trained in this area. Ikitsugi-no-mizu (literally "water for catching one's breath") is also here.

1.30 Arrive at Kurama Temple

2.30 Walk 20 minutes to Yuki Jinja

2.50 Arrive at cultural heritage site, Yuki Jinja. See three 600 year-old Sugi (cryptomeria) trees, Kyoto cultural heritage.

3.30 Walk to Kurama Onsen, enjoying the spirit forest and the scenery of ancient Japan 

4.30 Arrive at Kurama Onsen  

6:30 Dinner on your own and drop off at the train station to head back to Kyoto center or to your hotel 


*Upon arrival, guests may choose to spend the night or return on a day-trip. If you wish to stay the night we can arrange the relaxing package at a discount!